Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Weekly Update

I guess I can go back to calling it a "weekly" update, now that I'm back to blogging on a semi-regular basis.

Yesterday I went with Suzanne and the kids to Des Moines.  Emma is going to stay with her cousin a couple of nights, and their grandpa is taking them to Adventureland today.  So, I went along to keep Suzanne company.  She bribed me with talk of a trip to The Learning Post, which is a great teacher store.  I live for that crap, and it's the time of year to really start thinking about it all.  We met Jason for lunch (he's at a conference for the next two days in Des Moines and will be bringing Emma back home on Thursday) at The Cheesecake Factory.  It was so freaking good.  We stopped at the mall, and Emma got some new tennis shoes for school.  I needed my yearly spiral planner from Barnes and Noble.  I got it, but... why do people have to mess with a good thing?  They changed the inside of the planner, so it has about 1/2 the lined writing space that it used to have.  Ugh.  They made it all cutesy.  I don't need cutesy... I just want my same old planner!  Why, I ask... why???  We dropped the kids off at their cousin's house, and then we went to the teacher store.  I got a couple of books with mind bender/critical thinking activities, 3 new laminated posters for my classroom, and the game Set, which I've wanted at school forever.  We picked Jack back up, and we went home.  It was a long but fun and productive day.

Today I need to continue the saga of de-cluttering, if I can tear myself away from the computer long enough, that is.  I also have a doctor's appointment today at 3... I've been having some weird stomach stuff going on, and I thought I should get it checked out before heading to the Fair.  Is that too much information for the blog?  ;)  Tonight I'm going over to watch a movie with Suzanne since Jason is still out of town.

Friday, I'll drop the dog off at the vet, and then I'll head to the State Fair in the afternoon.  I can't wait to see Trace!  I'll come back home on Sunday.  

Next week is all about getting ready for school.  I think Suzanne and I are going to try and squeeze in a pedicure on Wednesday, and I have my yearly exam (I'll spare you the details) at a new doctor in Iowa City on Tuesday.  I say yearly very loosely because ever since our female P.A. left the clinic over two years ago, I haven't been too excited about going.  I'm finally getting things in gear.  

I have to officially be back at school next Friday, but I have a long meeting on Thursday... I think it goes from 9-1 or something like that.  It's with the Fairfield's Future Committee, which I'll be on this year.  

I can't believe the summer is practically over!  Boo hoo!  Luckily, I do love the beginning of the school year.  I always have.  I know, I'm a nerd. 

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  1. Are you crazy?!!?? Loving any part of school is just BLAH!lol:)


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