Saturday, November 17, 2012

I've Been Bad

Yep, I've been bad again.  I have not been a good blogger.  Sorry, Stephen!  :)

Here are some good things that have been happening lately (always best to focus on the good... yes?):

1.  Baby Simon fell asleep in my arms last night.

2.  Baby Simon fell asleep in my arms last night during a very fun party at the Hucke house.  We were celebrating Sue passing a super hard test for her work, and we all just enjoyed each other's company.  Good food and good friends.

3.  Did I mention that Baby Simon fell asleep in my arms last night?

4.  I got very cute jewelry for 50% off at Coldwater Creek a couple of weeks ago.  Not that that's a huge thing, but I'm wearing it right now, and it's pretty!  :)  I'm such a girl sometimes.

5.  That jewelry purchase happened in the middle of a very nice getaway Andrew and I had on my long weekend after parent/teacher conferences.  In the Des Moines area, we saw the Hubble IMAX movie, ate at Zombie Burger, tried out the draught cider & British food at Royal Mile, stayed at Wildwood Lodge, breakfasted at The Machine Shed, shopped at Jordan Creek, rode the train on the Boone Scenic Railroad, and experienced the delightful Hotel Pattee in Perry.  Lovely mini-break.  Lovely and NEEDED.

6.  We had the pre-op appointments for Andrew's knee replacement surgery, coming up on November 26.  That will be a huge event.  We're feeling lots of different emotions about it, but overwhelmingly, we're looking forward to Andrew not being in so much pain with his knee.

OK.  That's life in a nutshell right now.  This blog needs more nutshells!

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