Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

Today was the first weekday of spring break, and after a weekend full of rehearsals, I took today to laze about. I slept until 10:00, and then I had a nap from 1:30 until 4:30. My poor body has been through the wringer this past month or two, and my goal for this break is to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. I started my third round of antibiotics on Saturday. First, it was strep throat, and now, I have an ear infection. I know being sleep-deprived hasn't helped the rate of healing. So, today was my lazy healing day.

Now, I have to get it together because I have so much to accomplish for the rest of the break. My rehearsals aren't starting until the afternoon each day, so I should be able to accomplish a lot. I may even finally get my Christmas tree down! Yes, you read that correctly. Things have been so crazy that: 1. I haven't been home long enough to even get sick of my Christmas tree, and 2. Whenever I have been home, it's been the last thing on the priority list. I would like to get it down before my company comes to see Into the Woods though. Tracy and Jeff are both coming, along with a few others here and there.

The cast of the show is so amazingly talented, and rehearsals have been awesome so far. Putting a Sondheim show up in three weeks is a little insane, so I'm really thankful for some time off from school to help preserve my sanity. When school starts again next week, it will be the fourth quarter. Where has this year gone???

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dear Mom

I was reading a blog that I regularly follow called Things I've Learned Talking to Myself, and I clicked on one of LinkWithin "You might also like" links to other posts on her blog. It just caught my eye. It was called "Dear Dad." It turned out to be a letter she wrote to her dad, and there were several posts like it. Whenever she was thinking about her dad (I'm not sure when he died, but I don't think it was terribly long ago), she wrote to him. That idea really touched my heart, and I've really missed my mom lately. I think I'll start that same plan whenever she's tugging on my heart.

Dear Mom,

I had a first this week. I missed you so much that I burst out crying in front of Andrew. I usually can keep it to myself or wait until I'm by myself, but this one totally took me by surprise.

We were watching the movie The Kids are All Right, and there was a scene when the moms were leaving their daughter at college for the first time. She was hugging them so tight and crying, and I wanted you so badly at that moment, it was painful. I couldn't turn off the tears. Andrew asked what about that scene was so sad for me, and all I could squeak out was, "I want my mom." Then the waterworks exploded. I'm exhausted, and I don't fight it off as well when I'm tired. I was a mess.He pulled me close and just let me cry. I love that he doesn't try to fix things like that. He just holds me and lets me be. I wish you could meet him.

Just wanted to tell you that. I love you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Epic Fail Averted

We made it through History Day yesterday. The kids did great, and we overcame some technological and scheduling challenges along the way. We even have three projects going to State, which will be really fun!

Can I just say that I love playing the Baker's Wife? I think I love it even more than the last time I did it. Plus, it's so fun being with this cast... many old friends, but some new ones too.

Next week is spring break, and I have a ton to accomplish, but I'm looking forward to getting a full night's sleep each and every night. My body might go into shock over that though!

What do you think about graphic novels? There is a new graphic biography of Anne Frank that is getting a lot of buzz in the publishing/young adult literature world. I guess I like graphic novels, but I have some mixed feelings too. I have some students that would choose to ONLY read graphic novels if they could. But I have to admit, I like reading them sometimes myself. My favorite is one called American Born Chinese. I also really loved Persepolis and its sequel.

Here's some info on the Anne Frank graphic biography:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

As the Kids Would Say... EPIC FAIL

History Day is looming large. Next Tuesday, to be exact. At this particular point, the projects are, well... um... NOT GOOD. I'm going to be spending some extra time here this weekend with several young ones who are deadline-challenged. Luckily, the play is over, and I have some time on Saturday for this little extravaganza. Wowza. All of the projects are showing glimmers of greatness. We are just running out of time.

On a lighter note, Into the Woods rehearsals are fun, Fun, FUN! I love the music so much. I also can't believe that in a month, the whole thing will be over. That's one nice thing about doing a Way Off Broadway show... it doesn't take a huge chunk of your life. But, the hard thing is that it's so intense during the process. It's all worth it though!

Next week is going to be crazy with History Day on Tuesday and Images of Greatness on Thursday. But, if I can make it through next week, it will be spring break, and maybe I can shake this bug and catch up on some sleep! That's definitely something to look forward to!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

They Did It!!!

The kids pulled it off. Bye Bye Birdie went so well. I always stand at the back of the house during performances, really letting the kids run the show. I had been worried all week that the show wouldn't be far enough along for me to feel comfortable doing that. But... never underestimate the power of middle school kids. They made it happen. I was so proud of them and their performances. I had a lot of young, inexperienced kids in this show, and I hope this was the first of many shows they do in their school careers.

A set of ambitious, generous parents hosted the cast party after the show on Friday night, and then I went home and crashed. I rehearsed for much of the day on Saturday and then performed in the Way Off Broadway cabaret show at the Country Club. I had church this morning, and then I FINALLY could rest. I had a 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon that was simply delicious. Now I'm at school, trying to catch up on everything... key word: TRYING! I'll get there. It's just so nice to know that my busiest week of the year is behind me... WHEW!

P.S. This stressful weekend is making me have the weirdest dreams. Today I dreamed that I had a voice lesson with Stan Brown (that would be AWESOME, but it never happened), and that my check had bounced. I was humiliated. I also dreamed that I drank almost an entire 20 oz. Pepsi before I realized what I'd done (I haven't drunk caffeine since the end of November, and let me tell you, there's nothing more I wanted this week than a big icy cold Diet Mountain Dew. I drowned my sorrows with Cadbury Mini Eggs instead. God, I love those things.), and that Pepsi was sooooo good. I could seriously feel it bubbling down my throat. I need more sleep. It seems I always dream weird things when I'm exhausted.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


So I haven't felt like blogging in over a month. What's up with that?

Since I blogged last, life has been flying by...

1. I went to the Twin Cities to see Jeff play Albert Peterson in Bye Bye Birdie. He was amazing. I was so proud to know him and be in the audience.

2. Andrew and I went to Martini's in Burlington for Valentine's Day. Now, that is one amazing place. Great food, great atmosphere, great drinks. It was a lovely evening. Andrew gave me a beautiful blue topaz pendant on a gold chain that he had ordered specially to go with it. I love love love it. I gave him Ken Burns' National Parks documentary. I think he likes it, but every time we watch it, he starts to fall asleep. Hm. :)

3. I finished the play Waiting for Oprah. We had small houses, but I was proud of our work. The cast got really close, and we loved being on stage together. I miss seeing all of them every day!

4. I've been singing with the Way Off Broadway cabaret group which has been fun. It's been a lot more rehearsal time than I'd planned on, but I love singing in 4+ part harmony, and I love performing with Margaret Clair. I didn't sing with the first one, but I'm performing with all the rest. There are 4 all together. The third one this Saturday night and has a Sondheim theme.

5. The middle school play opens tonight. I'm so totally exhausted. I don't know why this one feels so overwhelming. I guess I just forget what it feels like each year. Last week I had strep throat, and I think I'm just not bouncing back like I'd hoped. That's probably some of the fatigue. I think they're ready. It's not as polished as I'd like, and some of the scene changes are still rough, but I know the audience will like it. Bye Bye Birdie in its full-length form is a big bite for middle school kids. I'm anxious to see it tonight... I know the kids will have fun performing for an audience. They're definitely ready to get some laughs and applause.

6. Next week I start rehearsals for Into the Woods. I am completely thrilled because I get to play the Baker's Wife again... my very very very favorite part I've ever played. I just cannot wait. Andrew is playing the Steward, so it will be fun to do a show together again. I know I should pretty much be committed for doing four shows in the span of less than 4 months, but I could NEVER turn down a chance at Into the Woods. It's going to mean that I really don't even get a spring break this year, but I don't care. It's going to be worth it!

Hopefully now, I can be back in the swing of blogging. I think I was so busy, I just couldn't take a moment to even reflect.
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