Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Epic Fail Averted

We made it through History Day yesterday. The kids did great, and we overcame some technological and scheduling challenges along the way. We even have three projects going to State, which will be really fun!

Can I just say that I love playing the Baker's Wife? I think I love it even more than the last time I did it. Plus, it's so fun being with this cast... many old friends, but some new ones too.

Next week is spring break, and I have a ton to accomplish, but I'm looking forward to getting a full night's sleep each and every night. My body might go into shock over that though!

What do you think about graphic novels? There is a new graphic biography of Anne Frank that is getting a lot of buzz in the publishing/young adult literature world. I guess I like graphic novels, but I have some mixed feelings too. I have some students that would choose to ONLY read graphic novels if they could. But I have to admit, I like reading them sometimes myself. My favorite is one called American Born Chinese. I also really loved Persepolis and its sequel.

Here's some info on the Anne Frank graphic biography:

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  1. When I was young, Graphic Novels and Comic books were a treat. Well, they were what Mom brought home when we were sick. We were guaranteed a comic book and ice cream! Anyway, those were part of what got my brother reading. So much more engaging for his brain. He reads books all the time now. All the time.

    A friend heard someone speak about reading (can't remember the program right now) last week and was telling me that the speaker said that comic books and graphic novels especially used 3x more unusual words than any television show or even newscasts. Better than tv, I guess!

    I'm a huge fan of them ... gateway reading maybe? I know Carol has a selection in her classroom as treats for her kids and encouragement for low readers.


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