Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dear Mom

I was reading a blog that I regularly follow called Things I've Learned Talking to Myself, and I clicked on one of LinkWithin "You might also like" links to other posts on her blog. It just caught my eye. It was called "Dear Dad." It turned out to be a letter she wrote to her dad, and there were several posts like it. Whenever she was thinking about her dad (I'm not sure when he died, but I don't think it was terribly long ago), she wrote to him. That idea really touched my heart, and I've really missed my mom lately. I think I'll start that same plan whenever she's tugging on my heart.

Dear Mom,

I had a first this week. I missed you so much that I burst out crying in front of Andrew. I usually can keep it to myself or wait until I'm by myself, but this one totally took me by surprise.

We were watching the movie The Kids are All Right, and there was a scene when the moms were leaving their daughter at college for the first time. She was hugging them so tight and crying, and I wanted you so badly at that moment, it was painful. I couldn't turn off the tears. Andrew asked what about that scene was so sad for me, and all I could squeak out was, "I want my mom." Then the waterworks exploded. I'm exhausted, and I don't fight it off as well when I'm tired. I was a mess.He pulled me close and just let me cry. I love that he doesn't try to fix things like that. He just holds me and lets me be. I wish you could meet him.

Just wanted to tell you that. I love you.


  1. Oh Tena, I'm so sorry you're missing your mom. I can't imagine it. I'm sure she looks down on you every day and just beams with pride! Andrew is such a nice man; it's so wonderful to find someone that allows you to truly be yourself in the widest sense of that phrase.


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