Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Farewell, For Better For Worse

I read the saddest news online today.  My very favorite comic, For Better, For Worse, is ending this Sunday.  I started loving this comic when my grandma got a For Better, For Worse book.  My brother Matt and I would read that thing over and over.  We loved the line "Lawrence, Pawrence" (don't ask me why... it just cracked us up).  We just loved reading that book.  After that, I started reading the comic in the newspaper.  Mom always got the Des Moines Register in the mornings, and at the breakfast table, I'd catch up on the latest with Elly, John, Michael, and Elizabeth (and later, April).  When I moved to Fairfield, at first I lived on the other side of my grandma's duplex.  I'd go over and see her every day, even if it was just long enough to say hi and read the paper.  We'd always talk about For Better, For Worse.  When Grandma went to assisted living, I still went out almost every day.  I wouldn't stay long.  We'd chat or even just watch TV together, but I always read her paper, and we'd always talk about For Better, For Worse.  In this last couple of years, as my own love life was in the crapper, I rooted for Anthony and Elizabeth.  I KNEW they were supposed to end up together.  Well, this month, they got married, and all was right with the world.  I lived vicariously through them.  I felt like I'd grown up with Elizabeth.  She even became a teacher.  Elly was like my mom, perfectly imperfect (or imperfectly perfect... either fits), and as her dad grew older, it mirrored what I was going through with my grandma.  It's stupid, but I kind of feel like I'm losing friends.  The comic is going to continue.  The cartoonist is taking the series back to the beginning with "newruns," as she is calling them.  I'm glad it will be around, but I'll miss the family I'd come to love.


  1. How sad. I haven't kept up with the Pattersons for a while, but used to read them every day. My all time favorite was when April was a toddler and Elle was in a store dressing room trying on swimsuits...she was looking in the mirror and said something like 'I don't see how anyone could go out in public looking like this' (about the suit on her post-pregnancy body.) The next frame showed her running through the store in nothing but the swimsuit chasing her runaway funny!

  2. I thought the "wrap up" was great, but I'm going to miss the strip too. SUCH an amazing comic...the whole Lawrence being gay thing was GROUND BREAKING, and when Farley died, I actually CRIED!


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