Sunday, August 3, 2008

State Fair Countdown

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh... in just a few short days I'm going to be at the Iowa State Fair... one of my favorite places on EARTH!  Tracy and I are headed out Friday afternoon, and we don't have to leave until Sunday.  We're staying at the Hotel Fort Des Moines, and we're going to have a super amazing time.

Things I'm looking forward to:

*pork chop on a stick
*baby piglets
*all the crap you can get at the Varied Industries Building (eek... what about my de-cluttering?)
*ugly cakes
*butter cow
*corn dog
*tie dye at 'Nita's in the Cultural Building
*Vocal Trash
*seeing the double ferris wheel and reminiscing w/ Tracy about when we were stupid enough to go on that rickety bucket of bolts... seeing it again makes me laugh every time
*the Iowa Tourism building
*checking out the cheesy stuff for sale under the Grandstand
*the fireworks
*the bee hives
*riding the sky lift
*the draft horses
*people watching
*cherry lemonade
*all the photographs in the Cultural Building
*the dollhouses
*the biggest bull & the biggest pig
*the hope that the chainsaw carver will once again be Brian Ruth, the hottest chainsaw carver that ever lived
*a big cinnamon roll
*did I mention lemonade?

Last year, Tracy was very pregnant with Elora, and the year before that, we only got to go for one lousy little day.  This visit is practically going to feel like the old days, when Dad would have the camper there for the entire fair.  I can't wait for this weekend!

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