Monday, August 4, 2008

Africa Hot

Today it's AFRICA HOT. Plain and simple. Whenever I think of the phrase "Africa hot," it makes me think of Ricco. I have no idea how we started saying it or where it came from, but today it definitely applies. The heat index here is 112 degrees. That's right, I said 112. Last night I played tennis with Jason, and even though we only played about 30 minutes, it seriously took me a couple of hours to recover. Ugh. It's absolutely oppressive. Things are supposed to cool down before Tracy and I head to the State Fair this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed. I just do not tolerate the heat.

I'm sitting here at the high school cafeteria, helping with registration. What a crazy day. I'm working from 1-7. Right now, I'm sitting at the Parent Portal station, where parents can sign up to get access to their students' schedules and grades via the internet. It's a pretty cool setup. Well, at least the parents think so. The kids aren't so fond of it, of course. Unfortunately for today, it's not a hopping station. I'm kind of bored, hence the random blogging.

One of my former students was just talking to me and asking me what my favorite Force move was. I didn't know there were really Force "moves," but I told him mine would be where I could reach out and have my light saber fly into my hand. He called that Force Attract, and he said there is also Force Repel, which could come in handy too. He said his favorite move was Force Lightening, or else the Jedi Mind Trick. Hmmm... the topics of conversation with teenagers never cease to amaze me. Then again, it's kind of like talking to my brother... no offense, Matt. ;)

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