Thursday, August 7, 2008

Falling Apart

I wondered why I really wasn't feeling up to par.  For the last week, I've been pretty lethargic, and I've had some stomach pain.  I started to get worried about the stomach stuff on Tuesday when it was traveling up and felt more like chest pain.  I was afraid I was having a heart attack or something!  I broke down and went to the doctor yesterday.  Well, it turns out I have a bladder infection and a probable ulcer!  Ugh!  This getting old crap is for the birds.  Evidently, I just don't handle stress like I used to.  I'm on an antibiotic for the bladder infection (is this too much information for the blog???), and I'm on 2 different stomach pills.  The doctor feels pretty confident that it's an ulcer from location of my pain.  But, if I'm not feeling better in 2-3 days, I'm supposed to schedule an MRI to make sure things are OK with my gall bladder.  I'm going to stick with the ulcer, I think.  Gall bladder surgery is definitely not on my schedule for this time of year... or any time of year, for that matter.  I'm going to rest today so I'm ready to go to the fair tomorrow.  I'm just glad I went to the doctor.  I have a tendency to ignore these kinds of things.

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  1. Hey nice to see you again!!! I saw your comment on Ric BLOG re: his Ghana trip and then clicked on you to see if you were OK these days. Are you on Anyway, my email is If you have time, check for me on Facebook, MSN, etc. I hope your doing well. Take care, Scott (Ric's Ex-BF).


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