Monday, August 25, 2008

I Survived the First Monday

This year, when the going gets tough, I'll just have a Serenity Now moment and whisk myself back to Martha's Vineyard.  This picture calms me practically instantly.  

I had a good Monday.  This was my first time back with my homeroom since the first day of school.  We had a little battle of wills, but they're just seeing how far they can go before things get ugly.  Not far.  Serenity Now.

I'm happy to report that my internet is back up and running, Thank God!  I have really become dependent on it.  The repairman was seriously here a total of 10 minutes.  So, that's a big relief.  I was out of school by 4:10 this afternoon.  Now, that NEVER happens.  I wanted to be home in case they needed to get in the house to deal with the fiber optics, which they did.  I brought some things home to work on (yes, I have homework already), but I have to admit, I like being home at that time.  I could wind down a little.  I had some supper, and when I quit here, I'm taking Avery to Jefferson County Park for a walk.  Then I'll get busy.  I don't think I should even be up late.

I can't believe this gorgeous weather.  It got down in the 50's last night... in August... in Iowa!!! What is up with that?  I'm sitting in my office right now, and the best breeze is blowing in.  It's going to spoil me.  It makes me ache for fall.  I know this weekend won't help that either, with the first Iowa game.  I hope this weather holds out for Saturday.  Can't wait to see the Mornin' Crew again!  Here's our official website.  Go Hawks!

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  1. I should have known better than to click that link. My eyes! Instead of seeing crimson and gold, I saw yellow and black stripes. State pen must have changed colors from black and white stripes.

    Yep, I went there again.


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