Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Little Game

I was randomly hitting the "next blog" button when I came across this fun little game today.  It's a three day weekend... I have plenty of time to waste, right?  I don't need to go to school or clean my kitchen... I have all the time in the world for that!  ;)  Here are the rules of the game:  You look at the label and think of your answer.  Then, you put that answer into Google Image Search.  You choose your favorite image from only the first page of results.

my age

a place I'd like to travel to

two of my favorite places

my favorite object

my favorite food
I took liberties and did not limit it to just one  ;)

my favorite animal

my favorite color, especially when teamed with pink

the town where I was born

the town where I live... happens to be the same town!

a past pet

a past love

my best friend's nickname

my first name
Oh, what did I do before my name was plastered on packages of incontinence products all throughout the world?!?!?!  blerg.

my middle name

my last name
Seeing Nelson Mandela restores a fraction of my dignity from the first name photo.

my first job
Again, I took liberties... I put my first two, and I just now remembered that I babysat before both of these.  Oh well.

my bad habit
I could have taken liberties here too, but frankly, I was scared what would come up if I searched "emotional eating."  ;)

both my grandmothers' first names
I have no idea what this first thing has to do with Christena, but trust me, this was the best thing on the page.  The female bodybuilder will haunt my dreams tonight.

my wanna-be college degree

what I'm doing right now
This picture says it all.  Well, I guess the words help, but the picture basically says it all.

If you're bored enough to want to try this too, leave a comment.  I'd love to see what yours looks like.  Looks like I've wasted my Sunday.  I'll actually have to labor on Labor Day.  That's OK.  Today was worth it.  

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