Saturday, December 6, 2008

Three Weeks in a Row & The Radio

For anyone who reads my blog who might also be thinking about seeing The Lion in Winter:  We've had a schedule adjustment.  We'll be playing Saturday, 12/6 (8:00), and Sunday, 12/7 (2:00) as scheduled.  Luckily, the theatre became available, and we'll be playing next weekend as well.  There will be shows on Friday, 12/12 (8:00), and Saturday, 12/13 (8:00).  No Sunday matinee that weekend.  If there is enough interest next weekend, there is a possibility of holding over one more weekend, but that will depend on demand.  

Last night, Diana and Therese came to see the show, and I think they really loved it.  Diana was crying when they came backstage, Therese hugged and hugged me.  They've asked me to come on their radio show Tuesday morning to talk about the show, so if you're close enough, tune into 100.1 fm on Tuesday morning!


  1. I'm so glad you are holding over because this weekend is crazy for me and I've reaaally been wanting to see the show! I'm still going to see if I can make it Sunday night, but if not, definitely next weekend.

    Don't forget, anyone can listen to the radio show online from anywhere in the world with an internet connection! Just click the live streaming link on the top left of
    (they recommend using iTunes or WinAmp to listen, so you might want to check your set up before the show starts.)

  2. I didn't even think of the live streaming!!! Thanks for the reminder! :)


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