Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Love Actually

Love Actually. I love this movie.  It might honestly be my favorite Christmas movie.  I know it's no Miracle on 34th Street (the Maureen O'Hara version is the only version, in my opinion) or It's a Wonderful Life (the scene where George is a boy and he stops the poisoned prescription from going out is the one I caught on TV tonight before my first church service... messed me up good).  It's not even A Christmas Story (one of the only movies in history my dad actually likes).  But... there are so many good scenes and so many good people.  I love how it's honest.  Some of the stories have happy endings, and some don't, but they're all about love, and they're all set at Christmastime.  Plus, seriously, how can you go wrong with a movie that has Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, AND Colin Firth? I don't think you can! Here are a few of my favorite scenes...

Love is everywhere.  Love actually is all around.  Merry Christmas, everyone.


  1. OH! I meant to tell you this yesterday!!! Olivia watched the last 30 min of this with me and she LOVED it!! She was sitting on the edge of her seat when he's running through the airport and she cried when Joanna got on the plane. I am so excited to share movies with her throughout our life!!! t

  2. OMG, this is my all time favorite movie. I can't really explain it, because it makes me cry every time I watch it. But I love watching it every year if I can convince Andy to watch it. You have also picked some of my favorite clips from the movie. Although I do so love Emma Thompson also. I also love that it takes place in England. I have this romantic notion that Christmas is something different in the UK and want to spend a Christmas just to see what it is like. I am sure it won't be the romantic notion that I have in my head, but I really believe that it will be different.

    You are right too. Love is everywhere, it just isn't always news worthy, like it should be.

    Hugs and Happy Holidays Tena.


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