Monday, December 15, 2008

Michael Ball. Sigh.

I have few regrets in life. I don't believe in them. But here is one. In the summer of 1989, when I was in London, I was so obsessed with seeing Phantom of the Opera that I didn't want to give any other show a thought. When I saw the huge marquis for Aspects of Love, I wasn't interested at all. I loved Phantom, but I just had no way of knowing about all that is Michael Ball. About a year later, when I got the soundtrack for Aspects, I fell in love with it (I think I'm one of the 10 people on earth), especially the song "Love Changes Everything." There's just something about the way Michael Ball sings. I normally don't even like a voice that has a huge vibrato, but he sings with such passion. It's like I feel what he's feeling. And on top of all of that, he has killer dimples. I'm obsessed. Why didn't I go see that show????

Here's a clip of him singing one of my favorite Sondheim songs, "Losing My Mind." I sang this song in Celebrate Sondheim! If only I could have sung it like this...

Maybe there's a reason I didn't go see Aspects of Love. Maybe I wouldn't have left London. Maybe he would have seen me in the audience, and it would have been love at first sight. We would have eloped and lived happily ever after. Or, I would have been put in jail for stalking. That's probably more likely.

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