Monday, December 1, 2008

Atari 2600

When Matt & I were little, we had a Pong game, but I don't remember being too interested in it. Our real love of video games began with Atari 2600. We got it when we lived in Iowa City, so it had to be somewhere between the summer of 1980 and December of 1982. Here are some of my favorite games.

Circus... it was especially entertaining when the guys would splat on the ground. ;)

Pitfall... I always went to the left instead of the right... I thought it was easier to roll with the barrels than to have to jump them every single time.

Missile Command... The sound got on my nerves, so I'd turn the TV volume way down. I don't think we even had a remote then to "mute." Ah, the old days.

Burger Time... Too bad the sound doesn't play in this clip. I loved the music. Aren't the graphics wretched in this game? Oh well, it was fun! :)

And, of course, Pac-Man. I remember we bought this game at Sycamore Mall. Matt and I were so freaking excited. I think we got it as some kind of reward for something... who knows... we probably didn't beat each other to pulps for five days or something. Matt was a biter, and I was a pincher. It did not make a good combination, but I digress...


  1. Sycamore Mall. Yikes. Loved that place. There was this awesome cheese shop ...

  2. I'll have to show this to my oldest son... he's a videogame freak (he is nine years old, after all) and he seems to have some affection for those "old school" games.
    I wonder if someday my kids will wax nostalgic about their Wii?


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