Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm Mixed

Last night before our final performance, Steve came in and asked me how I was feeling.  "I'm mixed," was how I replied.  That sums it up.  I'm mixed.

* I'm grieving the show being over.

* I'm still on a high from having such a great audience for our last show.

* I'm a little red-wine-headachy.

* I'm emotionally full... the whole thing was such a rewarding, satisfying experience.  

* I'm emotionally tender... the holidays always wear down my callouses and leave me feeling very vulnerable.

* I'm exhausted, both physically and mentally.

* I'm overcome by all I have to accomplish this week.

* I'm excited to leave for California.  I can't wait to see my cousins.  

* I'm dreading the last two crazy days of school.

* I'm looking forward to the talent show Monday.

* I'm thankful for Friday's ice day, but I'm a glutton, and I want more!

* I have a cough, a sore throat, and I feel generally crummy.

* I'm grateful for all the blessings in my life.  As every Christmas card comes in, I'm reminded of the treasures of friendship and family.

* I'm torn between needing a nap  and needing to finish my Christmas cards in the off time today between strike at 1:30 and our cast party tonight at 7.

* I'm procrastinating going out at all because it is FREAKING COLD!  It's never a good thing when the thermometer on your car says -2.  And that's not even counting the wind chill!

* I'm excited to see my brother on Christmas Eve.  It's just not Christmas Eve without him.

See?  I'm mixed.

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