Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bracing Ourselves

For the third time in three weeks, we had an early-out.  A massive ice storm is due to hit Iowa this afternoon.  It was supposed to be here by noon, but now they're saying 3:00, and from how the map looks, it could be even later than that.  Who knows how it will end up, but it doesn't look good for having school tomorrow.  It would be nice to have a day off when I have cards to write and presents to wrap, but I'm just worried that we won't have an audience for our last two shows this weekend.  I'm already dreading the show being over.  I just want to end on a really high note.  We'll see.  I won't count my icicles before they hatch.

I had the most amazing Secret Santa at school this week.  We draw names after Thanksgiving, and for a week before Christmas, we give our person little gifts each day, ending with a bigger gift on the last day where we have a party and all is revealed.  It's always fun, but this year, my Secret Santa went above and beyond.  Here's a list of all she did for me... thanks, Sue!!!

Day 1:  Diet Mountain Dew in a Hawkeye coozie (no idea if that's spelled correctly)
Day 2:  2 pairs of Christmas socks
Day 3: pink & green argyle post-it notes
Day 4: a big package of my favorite multi-colored felt tipped pens
Day 5: the Kristin Chenowith Christmas CD

My big gift was 2 more Christmas CD's... Harry Connick, Jr. and Yo-Yo Ma!  Sue went waaaayyy overboard, but every gift was so thoughtful.  She was great.  

Hope you all have some magical Christmas surprises in the next week!


  1. I know how you feel about not wanting it to be over! I hope we have a HUGE audience tomorrow. =]

    Icicles hatch?

  2. This sounds like so much fun.... teachers have more fun then regular folks. LOL. BTW, tell me how you like the Yo Yo Ma cd, because I am interested in it.

  3. I LOVE the Yo-Yo Ma CD. Beautiful stuff. It's also the kind of thing that you could have playing at any party or in the background of anything you're doing... great atmosphere music.


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