Sunday, September 28, 2008!

I had played around with the site before, but when my friend Jeff was brave enough to post his pictures on his blog, I decided to go for it too.  The site is pretty entertaining.  This first lovely number is from a 1990 yearbook, the year I graduated.  Don't you love my stunning mall bangs?  Thank goodness my bangs weren't this big in the real 1990.
Now, let's venture back in time to see what my senior pictures could have looked like had I been born in another time...




My mom graduated in 1968... the last one could have been someone right from her yearbook!  Eek.  Have a few laughs at my expense, and then try it for yourself!  


  1. I ESPECIALLY like did they GET their hair to do that??!! Too fun. Thanks for the giggles!

  2. Wow, I think my mother had the hair from 1966. In fact, I am sure I have a picture of that somewhere.

    And I love the big hair of the 90s. What were people thinking???

  3. Rory! I had no idea you blogged. Cool.

    I guess someone had to support the hairspray industry in the 90's. Eek.

  4. Thanks for the much needed laugh today! '64 is my favorite.


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