Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Today I'm grateful...

* for  living in a country where I can vote for the candidate of my choice

* for living in a country that has evolved enough to have a woman and an African American as choices for the 2008 election

* for a cool breeze and a gentle rain... the promise of fall after a sticky, humid day 

* for my small but mighty church choir... they are faithful friends

* for having my dream job... political debates with seventh graders, eighth graders learning Mandarin Chinese, sixth graders gaining confidence and finding their place in middle school, adolescent writers discovering the power of words... I get paid for this joy!!!

* for my dog Avery, who is always glad to see me, no matter how my day has gone

* for Grandma's eMac and internet at home... the world at my fingertips

* for growing up with a mom who taught me to speak my mind and to go after what I want, with the words, " Go get 'em, Babe.  It's showtime!"

I'm blessed.

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