Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Battling Uncertainty with Uncertainty

To neutralize getting thrown out of my comfort level box into Conservative Christianity on Sunday, I'm going in entirely the other direction and hurling myself out of my comfort level box by receiving Darshan from Mother Meera on Thursday.  I need to see the world from all points of view, and this is definitely a point of view that I've never experienced.  I'm curious, apprehensive, excited... It also feels good/sneaky/teenager-y because despite the fact that I'm 36 years old, if my dad saw me there, he might try to drag me out by my ponytail, Caveman style.  Shhh... don't tell him...  hee hee hee  :)


  1. I totally forgot about that!! I wish I could come over and join you. I want to hear EVERYTHING! We did this cool meditation on Monday night...going into your Light body and then feeling "christ energy" etc...it was cool! How did your centering prayer group go? How many join you?

  2. There were just 4 of us at CP... the usual group. They're just these wise, feminist-y, mother-y souls. I love them. It felt so good to be back with them, but that was all erased on Sunday. I'm recovering though... almost back to normal, whatever that is. :)


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