Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wabash Arts Camp

I got back last night from another fun year at camp. This was the 20th Wabash Arts Camp in Shenandoah, IA. It was my 5th year at the camp. I did the theatre class this year. I've also done a musical theatre class, a class called Music & Movement, and a class called Showstoppers. I had 2 classes of 3-5 graders and 2 classes of 6-8 graders. We did tons of theatre games, and then we prepared a small performance for the showcase on Friday afternoon.

I love this camp because it has both visual and performing arts. There are about 18 classes for the kids to choose from. They get to take 5 different classes, and they go to those classes for an hour every day. They also get snacks, lunch, and swimming time every day. As a teacher, I teach 4 classes a day, have my housing covered, and get to spend a week in the charming little town of Shenandoah. I really love this little place.

I get to stay in the house of the parents of the camp director. The Gee's are in their 90's, and they have a cabin on Lake Okoboji where they spend some time every summer. We get to stay in their home while they're away. It's a great place... it's the kind of home that tells you everything you need to know about a family. By staying in the Gee home, you know exactly what is important to them: family, travel, the arts, lifelong learning, books. I love being there.

The week flew by for me. After the closing matinee of Annie, I drove to Shenandoah. I got there around midnight and taught the next day. I went to bed at about 7:30 on Monday night because I was so pooped! Tuesday night I went to see Salt at the local movie theatre ($1 popcorn & pop on Tuesday nights... woo hoo!). Wednesday afternoon I drove over to Council Bluffs to see Trace. We went out for dinner & did a little shopping, and I got Christy Creme (the day's flavor was blackberry)!!! I can't be that close without seeing Tracy. It's a quick hour drive from Shen to CB & worth every minute. Thursday night the camp always hosts a dinner for its teachers and helpers. Then, Friday night I drove home! Whew! Good, crazy week.

On an entirely different note, ten years ago today, Andrew's wife Lee died of breast cancer. I'm thinking of her today. I was lucky to know her a little because she was friends with Jeff, and she designed the set for the one show I did at Andrew's theatre, Caught in the Villain's Web. I also knew her as a mom when I had Holly in science class. She was an amazing woman.

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