Tuesday, July 20, 2010

20th Class Reunion? How Did That Happen?

Yep, I'm old. My 20th high school class reunion is in just a few weeks. I sent in my check and my R.S.V.P. Then it suddenly dawned on me that I had nothing to wear to this thing!!! Ugh! Today Suzanne & I went shopping in Iowa City, and I found a cute outfit (ALL on sale) at Coldwater Creek. I love that store anyway, but it's usually way out of my price league. Today, however, was another story. This outfit was all on clearance, and I'm happy with it.

I'm excited about seeing people from my class... I hope my good high school friends will be there. I already know that some can't make it, but I hope to see many. I also am looking forward to seeing my Facebook friends. These are people that I didn't know very well from high school or that I really didn't think I had much in common with, but through Facebook, I feel like I know them. We comment on each others' picture or status here and there, and I feel very much like they are my friends. That is one of the bonuses of Facebook, in my opinion. My class had something like 287 people in it. My group of friends actually from my class that I considered "close" was pretty small. My group was more multi-grade through swing choir and theatre. I think I know many people in my class better now that I'm connected to them through Facebook than I ever would have otherwise. It's nice.

I hope we have fun. I hope it's not too cliquey (is that even a word?). I hope I'm comfortable. I hope it makes me want to go again in ten more years. I hope... ... hm... ... such weird feelings when you deal with the past. I was such a different person then. I'm sure everyone feels that to some extent. The person I was then was shiny and unblemished. I feel like the person I am now has been through the wringer. I'm sure we all have our bumps and bruises. But we all come from the same place and walked across the same stage in our blue and crimson caps and gowns.

Abraham Lincoln High School, Class of 1990.


  1. Carmen and I get to see you while you're back?

  2. Definite possibility, but it's going to be a quick trip. What's your schedule like the weekend of the 6th?


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