Monday, July 5, 2010

Blessings for Today

* A day of rest. I read for most of the day. Wonderful.

* Pat Conroy's writing. Yes, it's flowery. Yes, it's over the top. And, yes, I love love love it. Tonight I'll be finishing up South of Broad, and I've loved every second of reading it. I don't remember when I've read a book so fast, and this one is long!

* A boyfriend who cooks. Andrew made salmon and potatoes for our late dinner this evening. We had berries & ice cream for dessert. Lovely.

* The kids in my life. Yesterday was Emma's birthday, and I was reminded of all the kids of my friends and the kids in my neighborhood and the kids I know through school & church. They brighten my days beyond measure. If it's not in the cards for me to be a mom myself, I feel blessed that I have so many kids in my life in other ways.

* Fireworks. I love them. A lot. We actually got to see the Country Club fireworks through the trees as we ate dinner last night, and then we drove to the other side of Fairfield to see the town fireworks after that. I cannot get enough fireworks when it all comes down to it.

* In general, today I'm just feeling extra blessed. For everything. People, home, pets, love, health, creation... pretty much everything. Sigh... :)

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