Monday, July 19, 2010

Quiet Monday

Here's the Annie update... This weekend went so well. We had nice houses all weekend, but Friday night was the best. They were involved & supportive. They were on their feet when the bows had barely even started. It was so FUN!!!

It's such an intense process, putting a show like this together in 2 weeks. It's frantic and emotional. I was a little strung out before the show on Friday and even had some tears (which is NOT a good idea once a person already is in makeup). It was very unlike me, but this whole experience is unlike anything I've ever done before. What a wonderful reward though, to be onstage in front of an audience presenting everything we've worked so hard doing for two weeks. Today will be the first day I haven't performed Annie in a week. It's weird. I'm glad for the little break though. My voice & body are tired. It will be good to rest them before our big weekend of four performances.

I'm just really proud of the show. I love the show, I love the music, and I love my part. The cast is seriously working their butts off every single night. Our kids our fantastic. Our interns are crazy good singers. And our Annie is a little dynamo. I think about what I was like at 11. I had done a lot of piano recitals at that point, but I hadn't even been in one play at that age. Tess has three years of Broadway experience under her belt. It's mind-blowing. Friday before the show, she asked to speak, and she boosted the entire cast with her words. We had an awesome night that led into an awesome weekend of performances. If you're anywhere within driving distance to Fairfield, please come see this show. You have four chances left. It's for all ages. I saw grown adults crying in the lobby afterward, saying how touched they were by the production. Annie has a reputation for being a sappy kids' show, but this production is really something more.

On a different note, yesterday morning, we had a crazy lightning storm, and my friends the Grunwald family who live right across the street from me, had their house struck by lightning. It caught fire, and caused a lot of major damage. Luckily, they were away at their cottage when this happened. Thank God, because it turns out the lightning struck directly above the headboard of John & Heidi's bed. If they had been home asleep in their bed, they would not be here with us today, and their 3 kids would not have parents. It's a sobering thought. It's made me very pensive and thankful. Every day is a blessing, people. Stuff is just stuff. The people in our lives can never be replaced. Cherish every moment.

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