Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekly Preview

1 week until spring break!!!! It's so close, I can practically taste it. I have a crazy week to get through first. On Monday, I'll be getting ready for a sub (this will require me finding the top of my desk which I haven't seen since parent/teacher conferences at the end of February) and working with my 7th graders to make their last minute adjustments to their projects, because... Tuesday, we'll be at History Day competition all day. I have no idea what to expect. It's all new to me, so it will be a learning experience for all of us.

Wednesday (besides getting choir and bells ready that night for Easter Sunday), I'll be repeating Monday's panic with my 8th graders who will be putting the finishing touches on their Images of Greatness projects. Their big night is Thursday night. They'll be portraying the person they've chosen by presenting their memorized (hopefully) bioriddles and showing their displays.

The kids have Friday off, but we teachers will be working all day on our Backwards Design units. This is a different way to think of lesson planning that our entire district is studying this year. If I can make it until Friday afternoon, I'm FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK... so cute moment of the day... during church this morning (during which I endured the worst headache of my life, surprisingly NOT caused by the fact that in the Easter program next Sunday, I have to play my dad's WIFE... therapy, anyone?), Pastor Suzy was sitting with the kids on the steps during the children's time. She was talking with them about Palm Sunday and what it means, etc. After much prodding, she finally got the key points out of the kids about shouting "Hosanna!" and waving the palm branches as Jesus rode by. Then Pastor Suzy asks, "And do you know what Jesus was riding?" Little Ella, age 3, shouts out, "A bicycle!" So darned cute. Plus, it painted this really vivid picture in my mind of Jesus, pedaling along a dusty road in Jerusalem in his sandals. Out of the mouths of babes... :)

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