Thursday, March 6, 2008


This weekend will be full of auditions for me. I have callbacks for Godspell on Saturday afternoon at the Sondheim Center. I have no idea what my chances are with this. They are casting people from 13-35. Well, I'm 35, and I will turn 36 3 days after the show is over. I'm pushing the age limit, so I guess it will all depend on how he wants to cast things and where all the talent lies. I'm not too thrilled with the prospect of being the only 35 in a cast of 18's, know what I mean? I don't think the directors will be up for that either. I helped with preliminary auditions this week, and there were TONS of young'uns. Doesn't look good for me. I'm so old! ;)

On Sunday, I'm auditioning for the FACT (Fairfield Area Community Theater) production of Annie. I've been in this show once (I played Lily St. Regis, and it was so fun), and I've directed the junior version of it here at Fairfield Middle School. Plus, a little of my personal history with the show... when I was in third grade, I got to see the touring show at Hancher. The redhead from the TV show Kate and Ally was Annie. Well, I was hooked! I had the album, and I about wore the poor thing out. The movie came out when I was in fourth grade. I was 10; Aileen Quinn was 10. I was obsessed. If there was any way I could play Annie right now, I would. The boobs would definitely be a problem, but I have the hair... naturally! ;)

But back in reality, I'd LOVE to play Miss Hannigan. I think I could really have fun with that part. With FACT though, you don't audition for a part, you audition for the show. I like that philosophy as a director because it makes it so much easier to cast things, but as an actor, it's a little harder when I know the part I want. It would be hard to watch someone else in that part... I know that from past experience. I guess we'll see what happens.

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