Wednesday, March 5, 2008


1. LCD & Elmo have arrived in room 101! Yes, everything is installed and working perfectly. My LCD projector is mounted to the ceiling and hooks up to my student computer. Also attached is a document camera, also known as an Elmo (I have no idea why). The document camera is about the most fantastic invention ever. It runs through the LCD. I can put books or papers on it, and they project directly onto the screen. Today, my 6th grade GOAL class played Boggle with it. We put the Boggle cubes directly on the camera, zoomed in, and had an enormous, screen-sized Boggle game! The camera also doesn't have to be directly in front of the screen, like with an overhead or an opaque projector. I know this is totally my little world here, but in Teacherland, THIS IS BIG NEWS!

1 comment:

  1. how is it you can get a freakin' elmo too? and i've been waiting over two years for my projector! "you know who" even got one before me. i quit!... well not yet... but maybe...


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