Friday, March 7, 2008

Other Blogs & Today's Blessings

Here are some of my favorite blogs to read...

The blog of one of my students:
The blog of my best Fairfield friend:
The blog of a Rock Island friend:
The blog of a college friend (she is how I first knew about this site):
The blog of Rosie O'Donnell:

TGIF, everyone! I'm looking forward to finally being able to go to my Centering Prayer group after school today. I haven't been able to attend in so many weeks due to the play. We meet on Fridays after school. I'm the young'un of this group, and I feel blessed to have the friendship of this group of strong, special, spiritual women. I treasure my time with them. To learn more about Centering Prayer (also called Comtemplative Prayer), see This site isn't exactly what we do, but it gives you the idea. This method of praying is so good for me because my brain usually is going a million miles an hour. It helps teach me to slow down and just be quiet.


  1. HEY!!!! THAT'S MY BLOG!!!!!! Shannon made one:

    I called her that yesterday. :D

    I like blogging. It's fun.


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