Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'Twas the Night Before...

Tonight is the last night of summer, and as if to remind us that summer is indeed over, it was about 68 degrees and rainy all day. From a heat index of 110 to a high of 68. Only in Iowa.

I think I'm ready. My classroom is definitely ready, more ready than it's ever been before. I should really film it or something so I can remember that it once looked this good and tidy. Tomorrow will be frantic. Our classes end up only being about 17 minutes long, so not much is really going to take place. I'm excited though. I love the first day of school.

We had a get-together at my principal's house tonight for dinner. Not too many people showed up... I wish more would have, but it was nice. We have so many teachers who have young families now. There were tons of little kids running around, and I got to hold Miss Alexandra again... twice. It's nice to have little ones around.

Our Hawkeye tickets came in the mail this week. I'm ready. It should be a great season, and it will be nice to have Andrew with me for half the games. My friend Heather and I have our season tickets together, and our boyfriends are splitting a ticket this year. It's even close to ours... just the row in front of us, so it will be fun to share the season with them.

To close this evening, a little celebratory video of my favorite "back to school" commercial... enjoy!

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