Thursday, August 5, 2010

Class Reunion Thoughts

I'm totally copying something my best friend Tracy did on Facebook yesterday about her thoughts and experiences in high school. Our upcoming reunion of the Abraham Lincoln High School Class of 1990 is bringing up a lot of STUFF in all of us. Using Tracy's format, I came up with a list of my own...

Do you remember when you smiled at me in the hall? We never spoke to each other, but it always made me think of you as a nice person.

Do you remember when we said we needed to help the choir director so we could take a nap in the music library during our study hall? That rest in the dark on the cool floor energized me every day.

Do you remember when you wrote me a note almost every day of my sophomore year? I looked forward to that time every day.

Do you remember when you would drive me home before I had my license? I felt grown up.

Do you remember when you read a note to your entire class that I'd asked you to deliver? I felt so betrayed, and I never trusted you again.

Do you remember when we were in the musical together? It felt like a family.

Do you remember when we would eat peanut butter bars every day for lunch? It was our thing.

Do you remember swing choir contest? I'm glad I went through those events with you.

Do you remember hanging out in my family room all the time? I loved that my friends wanted to be at my house. My mom loved it too.

Do you remember when you flirted with me in class? You made me feel beautiful.

Do you remember when we grew apart? I still don't understand what happened, and I'm still a little hurt by it after all those years.

Do you remember when you spread that lie about me? I knew it was you.

Do you remember when you had that solo in concert choir? I was jealous, but no one could have done it like you did. It was perfect.

Do you remember when I had the worst crush on the guy who was crazy about you? Of course you don't, because I never told you.

Do you remember when we went to state in basketball? I don't like basketball at all, but it was so fun to be swept up in the school spirit. It felt like everyone belonged.

Do you remember when I made fun of how you walk? I'm sorry. It was stupid and mean, and you were always so sweet and nice to me. I wish I could take that back.

Do you remember when you were so condescending about my bad grade on a test? Well, I know your ACT score, and you didn't really have a right to be condescending... ;) OK, that was catty. I know. I guess I haven't totally outgrown my high school self.

Do you remember when you stuck pencils up your nose while I was giving a speech to your class? I didn't skip a beat. I realized that I'm strong and that I can do anything I set my mind to.

Do you remember when I cussed you out at a pep assembly for mocking my friends? I was surprised and proud of myself. I wonder if you're still a jerk.

Do you remember how I stopped being your friend? I'm sorry I ignored you. I was new, and I just wanted to fit in. I wish I had handled that differently because I know I hurt you. I wish that stuff hadn't mattered to me then.

Do you remember when everyone sprayed silly string at graduation (except me because Mr. Brown took mine away)? It was breathtaking. And I'm not one bit sorry that we ruined the floor mats.

Do you remember how I made a choice for myself? You were angry, but I had to do it. I'm sorry it hurt you, but I so rarely did things like that. I needed it. If I had made the choice for you, my heart wouldn't have been in it. It would have been worse.

Do you remember going to football games? I loved Friday nights. I also loved when we broke the bleachers because we ALL had to stand on them instead of on the floor.

Do you remember our nasty P.E. uniforms? Enough said.

Do you remember when you brought me a rose? I didn't like you "like that," but it was so sweet, and it meant a lot to me.

Do you remember when I stayed the night and thought I felt a lipstick under the pillow, and it was your finger?!?!?! We laughed and I wasn't embarrassed anymore. I knew you'd always accept everything about me, even the weird and annoying things.

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