Monday, February 9, 2009

Best Weekend Ever!!!

Saturday: Spent the day with Andrew at State Speech Contest in Pella, IA.  Saw as many acts as possible.  Felt good to support the kids.  Was SO FREAKING PROUD of them all... I don't think I could be prouder if I were actually their parent!  Ate sushi in Iowa City at Oyama... uh, YUM!!!  I think I could become addicted to that place!  It was a perfect day.

Sunday: Slept late.  Spent the day with Andrew, just hanging out, doing nothing special.  He made me pancakes for brunch (those of you who know me realize that I'm in Heaven after having sushi and pancakes within the same weekend).  Had a nap.  Restful, glorious.  Sigh.  Ate at George's for supper and watched Catch Me If You Can.  

I do not want this weekend to be over.  Mondays... grrrrrrrr!!!!!!


  1. that sounds like the BEST weekend ever! Guess what?? I might be coming to fairfield for a visit already! Maybe i'll get to see Ben's old play videos?? = P

  2. You're coming home already! Yea! I definitely have Into the Woods, but I can't find Honk! I wonder if I just borrowed it from Rodney to watch at some point. I'll keep looking...


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