Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Saturday Night at the Sondheim

The first ever "Saturday Night at the Sondheim" will be presented Saturday, February 21st, beginning at 8:00 pm. The premier show for the monthly event at the Sondheim Center is called "Magical Musical Tour" and is a journey through some of the great genres of music including pop music, classical music, movie music, and Broadway musical standards. John Speer is hosting and performing, along with a star-studded cast including Werner Elmker, Lynwood King, LeAnne Edgeton, Andrew Edlin, Tena Nelson, Emily Roth, Phil Carter and Rob Steinberg.

Andrew Edlin and Tena Nelson will perform a musical excerpt from My Fair Lady, and Tena Nelson also will join with Tom Voorhees in performing a medley of famous songs from West Side Story, two great Broadway musicals which were turned into highly successful movies. Leanne Edgeton will provide the piano accompaniment for these performances.

Danish concert pianist Werner Elmker will play themes from several major motion pictures including Lord or the Rings, Chariots of First, Glory, and Amelie. He will also perform themes from Rachmaninoff's second piano concerto which have been used in many movies.

Emily Roth will sing My Heart Will Go On, the Oscar-winning song from Titanic. Rob Steinberg will perform two of the audience favorite pieces from his latest concert of classical music in the movies. Rob will perform Dances with the Blessed Spirits, with high school student Phil Carter accompanying on violin. Rob also will reprise his performance of perhaps the best known and most beloved classical music piece -- Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

John Speer will sing a country western classic accompanied by guitarist Lynwood King and an inspirational classic for the event.

Tickets for Magical Musical Tour will be $15 for adults and $10 for students and seniors. Tickets for the concert can be obtained at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center during work hours or by calling the box office at 472-ARTS (2787).

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  1. That is awesome! Your name is in print. Things are going to start happening to you now. Is anyone filming/recording this Tena, you know, for those of us that can't make it?


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