Thursday, February 26, 2009

Drama Queen Alert

I have had 12 hours of Drama Queenedness. Why do I have to be so emotional and completely overreact to every single crisis in my life? We had quite a setback last night with the set for the middle school play, and I seriously melted down. Maybe it was more of an inner meltdown than what I let on, but I'm lucky it didn't end in violence. I could have decked someone with no problem whatsoever. This morning I was still in a complete tizzy, and that's when tears started. I'm much better now, having accepted the inevitable, but it took a good 12 hours for me to feel like myself again. My emotions are such a roller coaster. I guess that comes with the territory of being a total Drama Queen.


  1. oh my god.
    I hope everything is better.... You know you ever need me to paint that bitch.

    I GOT IT!

  2. I'm glad you still have my back!!! :)


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