Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heading Out to Invent Iowa

I'm sitting at the computer, getting ready to head out with my 6th graders to their Invent Iowa competition in Burlington today. Nothing like an hour on a school bus in the morning to get a person going. :P I have no idea how they'll do or what the competition will be like in Burlington. I guess it will be a learning experience for all of us.

Play practice is going well. Randy is coming today and tomorrow to choreograph a number for me and help me clean up some of the other medleys. It will be nice to get someone else's thoughts, although Heather has been good to stop by and be another set of eyes for me too.

We have two rehearsals this week for Saturday Night at the Sondheim. And, here's a news flash... when you forget to take your dress to the dry cleaner and you have a boyfriend, they actually offer to take it for you the next day!!!! I was freaking out because I totally spaced running my dress to the cleaner's yesterday. I'm in rehearsal every evening until after 5:00, so there's no way I could get there. I was lamenting that fact at supper last night, and Andrew offered to take it for me today. I guess that's what boyfriends do... who knew? I'm feeling totally spoiled by that, let me tell you!

OK, I'm off to make sure everything is prepped for my sub... have a happy Tuesday, everyone!

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