Friday, February 15, 2008

Weekly Update... Craziness Preview

It's time to buckle my seatbelt, because I'm entering my craziest time of the year. Here's a little overview of the next few weeks...

Today, I have rehearsal with my students until 5:00. I leave from there, run home to grab my suitcase, and head over to the high school to leave with the speech team at 5:15. I'm chaperoning their All-State trip. It will be so much fun! We get back Saturday night. I'll pick up the dog from my dad's either then or on Sunday morning. Sunday morning I'm teaching Sunday School then directing the choir at church. Sunday afternoon I'll go to school to figure my midterm grades and to detail the set pieces. Sunday evening we're hanging the painted flats.

Monday after school and rehearsal, I'm helping with teardown at my church's blood drive. Tuesday is a short school day, with rehearsal, and parent/teacher conferences in the evening. We'll repeat that day again on Thursday. Friday, Feb. 22, is a day off... well, for some people! We don't have school, but I'm having my kids' first dress rehearsal from 9-12. I have a 1:00 haircut and a 3:00 dental appointment. In between those 2 things, I hope to meet up with my Aunt Lois and Uncle Robert since my aunt will be in town. That night I have tickets to see Edges, the second self-produced show at the Sondheim Center. Hopefully, if things are going well with the play, I'll get out of town for a day or two that weekend.

The next week is the week of the show. We'll have dress rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday of that week. I also have FA&CC board on Tuesday and church choir on Wednesday. The play is Thursday and Friday, with the cast party Friday night (bless the parents who take that on... 60 kids in their house, all on performance high!). Then, I take my 6th grade TAG students to Invent Iowa in Oskaloosa on Saturday for competition.

March 9 will be auditions for Godspell, the spring show at the Sondheim Center. March 10 will be auditions for Annie, the summer FACT show. My 7th grade TAG students go to History Day on March 18, and my 8th grade TAG students have their big Images of Greatness show on the night of March 20.

Spring break is the following week, March 22-29. If I can make it until then, I'll be lucky. I hope to get away for awhile then, maybe up to Minneapolis to see my friend Jeff. I'll have 7th grade research papers to grade, but grading them in different scenery will be OK with me! Everyone say a prayer that I make it through the next 6 weeks relatively unscathed!

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