Wednesday, February 20, 2008


1. I have a good rapport with my students. They trust me enough to really talk to me. I don't always like what I hear, especially when I get details of their love lives (anyone have some rolaids? or earplugs?), but it means a lot that they feel comfortable with me. I'm grateful for that.

2. Tonight I have the rare treat of seeing a movie with some friends. Choir is canceled for tonight... our accompanist is out of town, and several members are going to be gone. So, I'm going to see Atonement with some friends. A good movie, popcorn for supper... what more could I ask for... especially in this crazy week?


  1. Back when I was working retail I had a pretty good rapport with some of the younger people there. If you think hearing what junior high schoolers have to say is disturbing, sit down with some people in their late teens and early twenties. Oh man.

  2. You know what? You are a blessing to me. Thanks for the invite last night, I wish I could have come! However, we will have a grand time tomorrow night. YEA!


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