Monday, February 18, 2008


1. I got home at about midnight last night from working on the set and finishing up my midterm grades. When I got home, my dad had been there and plowed out my driveway. He'd also brought the dog home because he and Alice kept him while I was in Ames. They'd even given him a bath! Thanks, Dad!

2. Today I came into school to start to get things cleaned up for conferences. What I found waiting for me was our faithful maintenance man, Stan, taking advantage of no kids in the building to finish putting in my LCD projector. I'm so excited to have it done. GO STAN!

3. With all the stress of the upcoming weeks ahead, I took full advantage of this day and slept late. Ahhhhh.... rest!


  1. What is this "sleeping late" you speak of? For some reason my internal alarm clock has been waking me up around 5am everyday. This is even on weekends, when I theoretically could sleep late.
    Oh well.

  2. That scenario sounds like my own personal Hell! ;)

  3. Today it was 3:30am. Consequently I am a bit grumpy today.


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