Sunday, February 17, 2008

No School Again

That's right... they've already called off school for tomorrow. We are seriously going to be in school until July at this point. I don't mind going later into June, but my kids are going to miss ANOTHER rehearsal! This is getting scary. We're 7 rehearsals away from production. Everyone says I always freak out at this stage, but I think I have a reason to freak out this year. I hope everything comes together.

Now, I'm just going to try to be grateful for the day of rest and sleeping in tomorrow, all snug in my warm house. It will also give me a chance to help more with the blood drive at church (provided they don't cancel it) and to clean up my classroom before conferences on Tuesday and Thursday. It's pretty much a disaster area. My desk is always a disaster area, but with 5 of my 6 classes working on projects... there is hardly room to move and hardly an empty flat surface available!

This weekend was very fun though. It was awesome chaperoning for the speech team. They took the banner for choral reading, which means that in that category (there are 10 different categories) they had the best choral reading in the entire state. Making All-State is the highest level of achievement in the competition, but taking a banner is like winning the lottery on top of that. In the following pics, coach Fred Hucke (one of the 3 team coaches) is accepting the banner. The choral reading banner is the green one, second from the left.Of the 15 kids in that piece, I think 12 are former students of mine. It was great experiencing the day with them. I was very proud... as my mom, grandma, and great-grandma would say, I was busting my buttons!

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  1. I am with you on going to school until July! This does seem crazy! I am glad that you were there to experience the excitement with the speech team.


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