Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Day in January When It Was 54 Degrees

I sat outside without a coat today at Doc's Inn and ate a buffalo burger and then had a Sprite. The joy was immeasurable, especially since I was reading from my new Kindle, Colin Firth (more on that another day).

My bliss lasted 2 whole minutes and through one actual bite of my burger. Then someone invited himself to sit at my table. I was polite and didn't say no. This person has some disabilities and makes me a little uncomfortable when he hugs me way too long and way too hard. No hugging today though, so we enjoyed our lunches and the sunny, warm Iowa day.

The line at the car wash was mind-boggling, but Colin Firth and I didn't mind. And my car is SHINY now!

On a side note, what exactly is one supposed to do when hugged uncomfortably by someone who doesn't understand social etiquette? I never want to be mean, but...

Any suggestions?

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