Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Baker's Wife

Into the Woods closed on Saturday, and it's left a big hole in my heart. The Baker's Wife is my very favorite part that I've ever played, and I know I should just be grateful for the experience, but it's hard to not be sad. I've been lucky enough to play her twice, and she's really a part of me. There is so much of me wrapped up in her... the dreams, the loss, the wit, the indecision, the longing.

We had a great run. I wish it had lasted two more weeks... at least! I was lucky to have lots of friends see the show. Tracy came over from Council Bluffs, Brenton came over from Shenandoah, Mike & Betty came over from Dexter, and Jeff came down from the Twin Cities. I wish more of my people could have seen it because I truly believe it was some of my very best work. Parts like that do not come along every day. I met great people, talented people. I performed for all the Fairfield Community Schools' elementary students in grades K-3. I worked my tail off, and I got to submerge myself nightly in the beauty of that show. What a gift.

My last scene on stage begins after I've died. My husband is on stage wondering how he'll ever raise our baby on his own. I come on stage and deliver one of the most important messages of the show to him. The song goes, "Sometimes people leave you halfway through the wood. Do not let it grieve you; no one leaves for good. You are not alone. No one is alone." I'm tearing up just writing the words. Every night before I'd go on stage, I'd ask my mom to walk out with me. I'd imagine her arms around me, and I always felt her close.

On Sunday, one of my mom's classmates left a message in my Facebook inbox. She said she had a question for me and asked when she could call me. I got the call two days ago. She asked me what the lyrics were of that last song, so I told her. She said that when she was in the audience, during that part she got this strong vision of my mom and me together, and it gave her goosebumps. She asked if I'd ever thought of that. I told her, "every single night."

No one is alone.

See you around, B-Dub, and... thanks.

Shannon, our Rapunzel. She played my Baker's Wife when the middle school did the junior version 4 years ago. She gets what the part means to me.

Andrew, my Baker. He's an intense, talented, and amazing performer. I got something new out of each night on stage together.

Our stories. Please note my apostrophe. It was absent until I had an English teacher hissy fit before we opened. There would NOT be a grammatical mistake on the Baker's Wife's book. No, there would not. :)


  1. You were SO amazing in the show! You made me cry. SO proud of you, my darling!!!!!

  2. I;m tearing up. You are so definitely not alone!!


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