Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Lion in Winter... Opening Weekend

Here are some pictures from The Lion in Winter.  We had a great opening weekend.  I can hardly put into words how much I love playing Eleanor of Aquitaine.  She's all these little snippets of my actual personality and how I wish I could be if I wasn't worried about what anyone thought of me.  I guess that's an advantage to being Queen of England.  More later on the experience, but this gives you a little taste...

Queen Eleanor and her boys.  "What a greedy little trinity you are.  King, king, king.  Two of you must learn to live with disappointment."

Queen Eleanor with her favorite son, Richard.  "War agrees with you.  I keep informed.  I follow all your slaughters at a distance." 

Prince John and Prince Richard.  Daddy's favorite and Mummy's favorite.  Can't you just smell the tension?

King Phillip of France comes to Christmas Court at Chinon.  Big fireworks to come.

Completely psycho picture of Queen Eleanor tormenting King Henry.  "What kind of spindly, rickett-ridden, milky, wizened, dim-eyed, gammy-handed, limpy line of things will you beget?"

King Phillip and Prince Richard.  They're close.  ;)

Queen Eleanor and King Henry tormenting each other, as usual.  "A little peace?  Why so modest?  How about eternal peace?  Now, there's a thought."

Prince Geoffrey, King Phillip, and Prince John.  More plotting.

I can't believe three performances are over.  It's going too fast!!!!  Tracy came over this weekend for opening night, and I was so proud to have her here.  We also had a good time just hanging out, watching the Christmas lighting ceremony on the square, and doing a little shopping.  It was a short visit, but I'm not complaining at all.  I love seeing her whenever I can.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the new wallpaper on my laptop ;)

  2. Oh jeez... I'm sure you picked the psycho one! ;)


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