Monday, October 13, 2008

My Daily Website Routine

Growing up, mornings started with breakfast and the Des Moines Register.  I started by just wanting the comics, and then as I got older, Mom and I would swap all the sections as we had a bite to start the day.  Now, I don't subscribe to the paper, but I do start each morning with news of some sort.  I have a list of websites bookmarked that get me going each morning.

General news: New York Times
Broadway news: Playbill
Council Bluffs news:  The Daily Nonpareil
My Rosie O'Donnell fix:
My daily Set puzzle: The Set Daily Puzzle

I also check my account to see if Mr. Wonderful appeared during the night.  And, of course, I go through my blog roll to see if anyone's posted anything new.  I check my two e-mail accounts, and if I have time, I check my Facebook.  

Not the Des Moines Register, but it serves the purpose.

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