Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am Not a Techie; I am a Diva

I just spent the afternoon painting set for The Lion in Winter. And I will reiterate, I AM NOT A TECHIE; I AM A DIVA. I don't care how it's built, where the lights are hung, who sewed the costume, or who freaking painted the set... I just want to step out in the spotlight, look wonderful, and be adored. Is that too much to ask?

OK. I'm better. It's just that all of that was brewing inside for a few hours, and I had to let it out. I did my share with a smile on my face. None of them needed to know what was going on inside my head.

And pray for me this week, everyone. Parent/teacher conferences. Enough said.


  1. hahahaha ... I'm so with you! I'm the freakin' piano player. I don't set up risers, I don't even move the piano where you want it. I play. That's why I'm here. Oh, it feels good to say it out loud! hahahaha

  2. I SO understand your sentiment, darlin!


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