Friday, October 17, 2008

Cool, Not Cool

Yesterday I received an invitation from Iowa Governor Chet Culver.  In two weeks, all the teachers who earned National Board Certification in the last year are going to be honored at a celebration/reception thingie.  Cool!

I can invite 3 guests.  I'm sure they're thinking husband, kids, etc.  sigh.  Not cool.  I asked my dad if he and my stepmom wanted to go with me.  He's going to get back to me. 

I want my mom.


  1. National Certified! Congrats! I'll go with you, but only if Chet wears his flight jacket ;-) Cheer up, at least you guys won today.

  2. Thanks, guys. Guess I just needed some sympathy. :)

    Frank, I'll let you know if Chet wore his flight jacket. ;)

  3. He wore that stupid jacket getting off "Iowa 1" at the Boy Scout Camp in Little Sioux for the press conference. Kinda like Bush on the aircraft carrier. What a goof.

  4. You KNOW that Duane and I will be there for you...just say the word, luv!

  5. I called my dad again tonight about it, since I have to RSVP and everything. I honestly think he just doesn't understand what a big deal it is. He asked if I wanted to talk to my stepmom about it. When I explained it to her, she was like, "We'd be honored to be there." Would it have killed my dad to say that?!?!?!?! Harumph. Oh well. At least they're going. :)

  6. Congrats. What an honor and you deserve it.

    Oh and sometimes parents just don't get it. They still love you, just not always the best at showing it.



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