Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Target Rules

When you live in Fairfield, Iowa, and Wal-Mart has basically driven out every small business in town, you pretty much live for the 20 minute drive to Ottumwa so you can go to Target.  I love Target.  I can't explain why it's so different, but it is.  It's Target.  I got a new backpack today.  In my de-cluttering frenzy, I had to toss my good old Kipling.  I bought that backpack the summer of 1996, before my dad and I went to the Olympics.  It's been everywhere with me.  Unfortunately, it was starting to show it.  My new backpack is significantly smaller, which has good points and bad points, but I really need it for when I bike to school.  It's just too hard to manage a purse or a teacher tote bag.  I don't need any help being uncoordinated, that's for sure.  

I also bought some other school supplies... some of my favorites... my Papermate felt tip pens in tons of different colors, my Bic mechanical pencils, my funky composition books (the kind that stay bound, no matter what)... but, the backpack was the big purchase.  I had gone with Suzanne to take her kids to get their pictures taken (at Wal-Mart... need I say more?).  We had lunch at Applebee's (another thing that you honestly live for when you live in Fairfield... we have good little interesting restaurants, but Pizza Hut is the only chain, non-fast food one... ick), and then we headed to Target.  

The whole backpack thing led to a really funny exchange with Jack, who is 2 1/2.
Tena:  Do you think I should get this backpack, Jack?
Jack:  That's for people.
Tena:  Jack, I'm people!
Jack:  No, you're Tena.

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  1. Claire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!August 1, 2008 at 2:00 PM

    Thats really funny:)


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