Saturday, July 26, 2008

Entering the Modern World

Yes, I've entered the modern world.  I finally have internet at home and not just at school.  They finished getting it hooked up when  I was at camp.  I think this might have been a mistake though, because I went to bed after 4am this morning!!!  I just got busy making a Facebook page (it's filtered at school) and surfing the web... before I knew it, it was 4am!!!!!!!!  Eeek!!!!!  I think my butt is permanently going to adhere to this chair.  I'm giving myself today to enjoy the novelty of having super speedy internet right at my fingertips, and then tomorrow, I'm getting back to work on the decluttering!  My mission for tomorrow is to start the kitchen.  After that, I'll tackle the front closet, and then the guest bedroom.  That will be the finish of the upstairs... basement will be next!!!


  1. Welcome to the 21st century Tena!

  2. OMG, Frank Barrett is commenting on my blog! Even though he is a grown man with a wife even, he will always be little Frank Barrett to me. Frank played Friedrich when I was Maria in The Sound of Music in high school. I got so attached to all those kids. Working with them really helped me know that I wanted to be a teacher. Sigh. The memories. :)

  3. And being surrounded by hot older women at the age of 12 did a great deal for me, but I need to keep this clean. :-)


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