Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm a Nerd

I admit it... I'm a nerd. I mean, I'm OK with it, but I definitely am one. And here is exhibit #4197 to prove my point. The other day I was riding my bike to school, and it was so beautiful outside. Everything was green and blooming and fresh. All these thoughts were bouncing around my brain, and they turned into a haiku poem (yes, you read it right... I wrote a haiku while biking to school in my atrocious silver bike helmet).

A pink tulip tree
Against a brilliant blue sky.
Spring's birthday party.

I love this time of year. :)


  1. No mocking my bike helmet haiku, Missy! ;)

  2. I think you're silver bike helmet is very attractive. I would wear one just like it if I rode a bike. I just don't really have a place to ride my bike. Plus, I don't think I can still ride a bike. We all know the saying: "If you don't use it, you lose it."

  3. "No mocking my bike helmet haiku, Missy!"
    That is SO going on my next random quote blog post. Yes, you are a nerd, but in my world, that's something of a badge of honor.


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