Sunday, October 10, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend, the Sequel

Friday afternoon: Book Club. Positives: Margo & Amanda from Texas! Negatives: We enjoyed parts of The Zookeeper's Wife, but we unanimously agreed that it would have been better as historical fiction rather than nonfiction. It needed some embellishing!

Saturday: Trip to Mankato, Minnesota! Positives: seeing the amazing Stephen Crisp in one of his finest roles to date (this was the absolute HIGHLIGHT of the trip), Amos Hart in Chicago; dinner at Dino's with Stephen, Jacob, Sarah, Sarah, Shannon, Andrew, & myself; the gorgeous fall colors in the lovely town of Mankato (I really should have looked at this school for my undergrad, but no one could tell me anything at age 18... sorry, Broc!) discovering the most delicious homemade chips at this cute little Mexican restaurant in Mason City; discovering that someone dethroned Nick Saban & the Alabama football team. Negatives: concrete slab of a bed in the hotel... um, that's pretty much it.

Sunday: Home again! Positives: breakfast with everyone at the hotel, more stunning fall views, Andrew buying a new LCD TV at Best Buy (I can't wait to watch the Hawkeyes beat Michigan on that baby!). Negatives: saying goodbye to Stephen (boo hoo), the drive back (the end of a trip always makes me cranky), discovering that the new cable hookup in Andrew's living room doesn't work.

Whew! Tired? I am! And on that note, I'm going to bed!!!

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