Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh, Karma, You Have Humbled Me Once Again...

So, I had a drama queen meltdown a little earlier. I had a "Poor Me" moment. I have since apologized to the party who took the brunt of my little explosion. The apology started with, "I know the third 'That BLOWS!' was overkill. I'm sorry for that." And in SSR (Sustained Silent Reading for those of you not in the world of education) today during Homeroom, I decided to read my devotional/reflection today from the great master, Edward Hays. I have a couple of his books on my Kindle. His words have guided me in many ways at many times.

Here's part of what I read for today, October 14: "Keep my tongue from the propaganda of exaggerating my good works and shrinking my mistakes to midgets. Inspire me to be honest or be silent."

God moment of the day.

Perspective is a humbling thing.


  1. That is a great quote. What is really interesting to me is that you're looking to karma, some sense that the world is fair, to fight personal injustice, and instead you find God, and knowledge that perhaps you wouldn't like ALL injustice punished, when you consider your own failings. I'm not much on karma, but this is precisely how I feel about injustice :)

  2. I use the term "karma" very loosely... there are probably many other terms that would fit better. I believe in God wholeheartedly, but the older I get, I realize I have no idea what God is. I like the mystery of God, and personally, I'm open to many interpretations to what God could be. But, despite all that, I definitely know when a God moment hits me. :)

  3. I was thinking it wasn't just a religious note, it's that you were looking for fairness and discovered that fairness might come back to bite you in the butt :)


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