Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekly Update

We started the week with a late start on Monday and a snow day on Tuesday. I was glad to get in as much rehearsal as I could with the kids. Their show is coming up on the 25th & 26th, and well, let's just say the snow days have left us with quite a challenge in front of us. I hope they're all working on their lines (that should have been learned aver 2 weeks ago!). We finally finished up Iowa Tests of Basic Skills, just in time to have this week's schedule all messed up with parent/teacher conferences. It's going to be a crazy couple of weeks, that's for sure.

The FACT show opened this weekend. It's called Have a Nice Day, and it's a 1960's & 1970's musical revue... a spoof of Up With People-like groups. I was unexpectedly laughing my butt off when I saw it on Friday night. On Saturday night, Andrew and I went together, and he didn't find it nearly as funny as I did. I'm not sure he found it funny at all, when it gets right down to it. We rarely have a culture gap, but this was definitely one of those times. He didn't recognize most of the music, and he just didn't relate to the humor at all. I'm going again tomorrow to help as a FACT board member. I'm looking forward to it, and I think Andrew will be glad to stay at home. Maybe it IS an American thing. It might be a swing choir thing though too... it's like the characters stayed in swing choir for 30 years. My ultimate job!

Yesterday, my book club discussed The Hunger Games. It was a great discussion, and it was funny because 4 of the 6 of us had Kindles! The paper page turners were in the minority. That's never happened before. It was nice because Kindles don't have page numbers; they just have "locations." It was very easy to communicate passages of interest to the Kindle group yesterday. Now, if Amazon (or the publishers) would get it together and get the sequel on Kindle too, we'd all be happy campers.

Today, I'm taking it easy. I just finished up Andrew's V-Day present. I'm watching the Olympics. I'm enjoying this day of calm before the storm of the upcoming week. Hope you're all enjoying a calm Saturday too!

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  1. I love The Hunger Games! I recently read the sequel as well. Even though everyone seems to have Kindle, you can't beat the smell of a new book. :D


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